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About A. B. Nicholas LLC

Securities and Asset-based FInancing Specialists

A. B. Nicholas (ABN) is a private Washington D.C.-based firm that works solely with securities-backed financing managed by regulated, licensed U. S. institutions and fully licensed lender advisors in which the client retains full control and ownership of his/her securities at all times, and the securities are never sold to fund the line of credit.

Our role at A. B. Nicholas is to put our clients in a position of sufficient knowledge to determine whether the program we work with meets their expectations and needs, and to ensure that, to the best of our ability, they are thereby qualified to participate in this lending program. We answer questions, as we are familiar with the program in all its dimensions. We educate.

We do not, however, establish terms, write contracts, handle any asset at any time in any manner, nor engage in any activity that is the sole domain of the licensed lending institution that manages our LeverageLine program. We act as an experienced client information and support resource not a broker. Once we've done our job, we step out of the way and let the licensed lending institution take over entirely.

That doesn't mean we aren't still involved. We monitor your financing, ensure that it is precisely as represented, and remain our clients' advocate. At all times, we welcome feedback and constructive criticism; if there's a way to do our job better, we want to hear it.

Unlike other firms that offer a wide array of financing forms and types, ABN offers no private placement, transfer-of-title, hard money, nonrecourse, mortgage, project, or other lending arrangements using any instrument other than securities (or, if the client so desires, cash restructured into eligible securities by the lender's licensed CFP advisor, in consultation with the client).Moreover, A. B. Nicholas opposes any program where there is any type of loss of asset ownership in order to receive funds. We do not offer and actively, publicly oppose any form of unlicensed, non-FINRA, nonrecourse stock loan financing for example, or any program involving the transfer of collateral securities' title or a sale of the asset prior to funding the client.

Our focus therefore is on licensed, regulated SIPC/FINRA programs that firmly protect the client's ownership of their asset while still providing superior, competitive financing. The extend of a lender's involvement with our clients' securities should and must be limited to a simple lien on an account. Nothing more, unless the client borrower chooses to expand that interaction (e.g., through choosing to have their brokerage management their securities)

We want to underscore that A. B. Nicholas is never compensated by any lending institution at any time, directly or indirectly. We have no incentive to "route" our clients to any particular lender. That means our emphasis is always on the satisfaction of our clients.

With many years of experience in and knowledge of all sides of the consumer securities finance industry, our staff comes with an extensive background that not only includes the full breadth of past and present stock loan programs, but also franchise and business funding, and commercial real estate finance. We understand that considering a loan against one's portfolio of stocks is an important decision, and though we would never attempt to replace the services of a fully licensed professional, we do use our experience to help our clients to educate themselves about the choices and features available, if a stock loan or credit line is what they seek.

A. B. Nicholas strives to ensure that our clients have the confidence and security of a conventional licensed U.S. institutional brokerage and top-notch lender-provided licensed advisory services, while enjoying the wholesale rates and other features common to private placement financing. In short, the best of both worlds. We are uniquely qualified to do so.


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