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About A. B. Nicholas

A. B. Nicholas is a four year-old firm that specializes solely in non-transfer-of-title credit line financing for owners of a wide range of securities. Our core staff is composed of experienced consultants and finance development specialists with expertise in commercial and individual stock loan financing, franchise funding, alternative real estate investment financing, and general securities finance to name the main fields.

Our main office is in the nation's capital in the financial and lobbying districts on K Street just a mile from the White House. We also have our finance and administrative office in West Keansburg NJ, we boast a growing Accredited Affiliate force of over 1,000 professionals in the U.S. and overseas plus a large number of established partner organizations with an emphasis on business, franchise, and real estate financing. (Our Paris, France office is due to open in March of 2013).

Together, ABN represents the place where a growing number of serious securities-based financing borrowers come to begin their journey when they want exacting answers and professional, licensed, regulated financing that lets them sleep at night.

A. B. Nicholas was not formed instantly, however; it's been a long road to where we are today. Back in 1999, the securities finance field was basically divided into two areas: nonrecourse stock loans, and the margin-loan-like services offered by big brokerages and later, banks to their pre-existing big-depositor clients. The margin loan services were mostly just that: loans set at 50% LTV, "purpose credit" advances that added more stocks, temporarily, to the client's control so as to leverage them and hope for a rise in value that will be profitable.

These old-fashioned loans were designed for the purchase and leveraging of more stock by investors. They were not cash credit to be used in non-stock investments like real estate for example. Those with large deposits who worked through their own private banking operations could sometimes obtain preferred rates and services, but these were by and large unavailable to those with less than seven figures on deposit.

Nonrecourse stock loans by contrast were offered privately by unlicensed firms, and borrowers were required to give up all title to the securities before they obtained their loan. Borrower securities were often immediately sold to fund these loans, and many went out of business or were shut down by regulators over the last decade due to poor management, misleading advertising, or violations of disclosure rules.

Our experience informs every service we provide and our clients' satisfaction means a great deal to us. We recognize the importance of working only with reputable, licensed, fully regulated U. S. lending institutions rather than private funding parties. We realize that a client's securities represent in some cases their most valuable assets and because of this, we can confidently say that we serve our securities-owning clients with the very best in financing that we know of.

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