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Low-Cost, Low-Interest Credit Lines for
Stock, Bond, and Mutual Fund Owners

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Our clients include franchise and commercial real estate buyers who wanted better or supplemental financing to what their bank or SBA could deliver. LeverageLine provides stock, bond, and mutual fund owners with speedy access to low-cost funding via a fully licensed, no-title-transfer, no-sale-to-fund, wholesale lending facility with no heavy paperwork.
We've financed hundreds of ventures just like yours.

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Providing custom, securities-based lending with many features not typically available on a retail basis. All A. B. Nicholas lending partners are members of FINRA/SIPC in good standing. Any transaction involving securities necessarily involves some degree of risk, including the LeverageLine program. Please consult with a licensed tax advisor for any and all questions related to tax status or deductibility of interest payments for any LeverageLine-related transaction. All lending, management, and processing is handled exclusively by fully licensed U. S.-based FINRA/SIPC institutions (and their FDIC-member banking divisions) with which A. B. Nicholas has partnered for this facility for our clients. Please review our disclaimer prior to proceeding for further information.

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