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LeverageLine Credit Lines for Securities Owners

For franchising, business acquisition, and commercial real estate.

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Our clients include franchise and commercial real estate buyers who want supplemental financing to go with their bank or SBA lending. LeverageLine provides stock, bond, and mutual fund owners with speedy access to rates as low as .73% via fully licensed, no-title-transfer, no-sale-to-fund, wholesale stock loan credit lines.

Though we specialize in securities finance, we can occasionally offer our LeverageLine program using certain non-real-estate high-value assets - including yachts, aircraft, appraised jewelry - as collateral.
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We have done our utmost to ensure that your LeverageLine stock loan program is indeed the best of its kind across the board. However, any activity involving securities, including borrowing, by definition involves certain risks and may therefore not be suitable for all investors. If the market value of your pledged securities declines below required levels, for example, you may be required to pay down your line of credit, restructure your holdings into more stable securities (which can involve a sale), or commit additional securities in order to maintain your loan. Although both A. B. Nicholas and each ABN lending partner advisor make maximum effort to ensure that only stable, quality securities are accepted so as to minimize the risk to the extent possible, we cannot guarantee any specific outcome of any securities and we do not do so. All lending, management and processing is handled solely by fully licensed U. S.-based FINRA/SIPC institutions (and their FDIC-member banking divisions) with which A. B. Nicholas has partnered for this program. Please review our disclaimer prior to proceeding. Our privacy policy is located here. [Tags: stock loan, stock portfolio, securities based credit line, stock-secured loan, SBLOC, stock loan securities, stock margin loan, loan stock, stock secured loan, securities loan, loan against stock, securities finance]